Useful Tools & Resources

1. Use this weblink to type Chinese characters.

2. Use this weblink to type Pinyin with tone marks.

3. Create interactive photo albums

4. Use Voki to create your own avatar that speaks Mandarin.

5. Use SitePal to enhance your speaking skills

6. Use Glogster to create interactive posters, and as a tool for Collaborative class projects…

7. Use Prezi to create presentations or to embed media, videos in your blog posts…

8. Use Voicethread for group conversations and sharing of images and videos…

9. Use Toondoo to create cartoons…

10. Learn Chinese Pinyin here

11. Free resources and lessons at echineselearning

12. Chinese Flashcard Maker

13. 2051 characters with pinyin and stroke order

14. paper-cutting ideas

15. Use this tool to create slideshows or videos with photos

16. Use this free learning and teaching tool for languages quizlet

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