Songs, Poems and Rhymes

Learn Happy Birthday Song 生日快乐 in Mandarin Chinese!

Song:小猴子 Little Monkey

祝你圣诞快乐 — Chinese only

song: A Little Dog

Little Mouse Rhyme

《画》” Painting” and 16 others 

静夜思 1 ;静夜思 2 静夜思 3(read by children)

《静夜思》歌曲 Song: ” Jing Ye Si” Thinking Quietly At Night

《登鸛雀楼》 朗诵、歌曲、生字 (English version as well “On the Stork Tower”)

《悯农》 朗诵+讲解 mandarin reading 悯农》2

《咏鹅》朗读  Poem Reading: ” Yong E” O Geese

《咏鹅》歌曲Song: O Geese Song 2

《春晓》朗读 Poem Reading: “Chun Xiao”春晓》2

《春晓》歌曲Song: “Chun Xiao” Spring Dawn

Songs 《静夜思》、《悯农》、《春晓》、《相思》 联唱

学拼音6分钟 Learn Pinyin in 6 Minutes

颜色歌 Song of Colours;  Another colour song; rainbow song

季节 Seasons

天气和季节 Weather and Seasons

我有一个好爸爸 I have a Good daddy

Happy Birthday To You ( Chinese and English version)

Chinese version of ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

Please Give me a Cup of …

How are you?

If you are happy, clap your hands… 幸福拍手歌

Little White rabbit 小白兔


Open the Door, Little Rabbit

Two Little Children on the Phone

Song Zuying’s Personal Solo Concert at Sydney Opera House 2002

Bunny Joy   Rhyme: Little White rabbit on prezi

one two three four five — rhyme on quizlet


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