Activities for Beginners

Another Reason for Learning Chinese (video)


Little Kangaroo and Mum


Hungry Caterpillar


Hello, Friend! Ni hao, Pengyou!—song by Ms Su’s Yr 3& 4 girls


Chinese Greetings on quizlet (single word)

Common expressions on Quizlet

Classroom expressions on quizlet

Basic Greetings (with Emma)

Saying Hello and Goodbye (scootle)

How are you? (scootle)

Activities—Languages online

Smiley face greeting Song

What’s your name, my friend? (song)

Classroom Expressions (MP3)

Asking names and age—Languages online


Fruit and vegetables on digital dialects — learn and play

20 food items on quizlet

36 food items on quizlet

12 food items on quizlet

food items and extensions on quizlet

Learn to say food items in Chinese with Emma

Scootle learning path –Food in Chinese

Please give me a cup of …—song

How to use chopsticks correctly


Reading Chinese Numbers —a comprehensive guide

number song

Counting 1 — 20 backwards

1—30 flash cards, tests and games on quizlet

1–100 flashcards, tests and games

10     1—10

video 1 — 10 (with Emma); video 10,20,30—100


1–20 on quizlet

1—12 (time)

1— 20 reading and stroke order

months reading and writing stroke order

months–flash cards, tests and games

important dates— flash cards, tests and games on quizlet



Learning with Emma

Colour song

Say the colours

Colours on quizlet

Student learning path with learning objects

Beijing Opera Facial Makeups

Beijing opera —UNESCO


Zodiac on quizlet

Little White Rabbit— Xiao Bai Tu (Rhyme) on Prezi

From Digital Chinese—Level 1

Farm Animals— through games

Learn the words, then play games — Level 2


sports( I can …)  in Chinese

quizlet study set

names of Olympic sports

video 1

video 2

ball games

What is your favorite sport?


My Family —Quizlet study set

This is my family —study set on Quizlet

Languages online activities

Talking about your family

<About Oneself>

Self-introduction— Learning and playing games: on quizlet

countries and nationalities—PPTX

Learn how to say nationalities with Emma

Active Chinese— dialogues

<Songs and rhymes>

O Geese

Where is my friend?

How are You?

‘one two three four five’— children’s rhyme on quizlet  and the Rhyme

Little White Rabbit and the Rhyme



Intro to the tones

Learn Pinyin in 6 Minutes



Story of the Chinese Zodiac Animals


Introduction to the Writing System

Video one ABCsOF Chinese

Learn to say Happy Father’s Day with Emma



Pandas playing— National Geographic

Pandas feeding on bamboo— a 4 minute video

images of Panda feeding on bamboo



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