Activities for Special Days

Folding a paper chicken; folding a rooster …

easy paper folding ideas for kids (20 videos)

Folding paper fish 1; Folding a paper fish 2 ; Folding a dolphin; folding a rabbit; Folding a flapping bird

Chinese new year 中国新年zhōng guó xīn nián (nursery rhyme 《大公鸡》) ( story, the Great Race,questions/answers) (Video Taoshu Chinese New Year 2) (Chinese for kids learning Mandarin Chinese zodiac animals)


Christmas 圣诞节 shèng dàn jié

Versions of “ We Wish You merry Christmas and A Happy New Year” in mandarin

Chinese     Learn with Emma  showing Pinyin and characters with music 


Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 zhōng qiū jié

Mid-Autumn Festival for Kids

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Legends and Stories

Easy and popular Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Poems

10 popular Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions and New Customs

10 interesting facts about Mid-Autumn Festival

Images of Mid-Autumn Festival

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Dragon-boat Festival 端午节 duān wǔ jié

Dragon Boat racing 2017

2017 Stanley Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Festival 端午节


Mother’s Day 母亲节

OLD POST  — with 3 songs

Fold A Love Heart 

Five cute and easy Greeting cards

3D cards 

3D Flower Pop Up Card

Father’s Day 父亲节

Learn to say “Happy Father’s Day” with Emma

Fold a shirt with a square

Fold a shirt with an A4 size paper

Fold a Tie  

Father’s Day Cards to make 

How to make easy Father’s day card

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